Make them!

How you do it?

First step: do it. Stop thinking, do it. Like you do thinks you like to do. With the time you start to bring them to perfection. It’ll be the same with a Blog.

Second step: remember that no one forces you to do one. And you, because its your own blog, are the only one who decides what happens there in the End. Its fucking revolutionary web 2.0 dude!

Third step: Criticize! Critics are a bloody good method to get attention. Melissa wears crappy suits? Say it. Photo it! Ask her why she’s doin so, post the answer. She’ll hate you, so, fuck, what? With SUCH a DRESS? She’s welcome to hate me. See? A little superficial behaviour can be a critic too!

Fourth step: Get out, meet people, meet yourself, have some adventure! Whats the most in-drug at the moment? Hell, why? Okay, lets have a try… shit, that was amazing. WRITE IT!

Fifth step: Stop having thoughts without letting us, the internet folks, know about em! We are your fellows, uh, followers! We love you! You r our people magazine!

Sixth step: Be special. No one loves to read normal storys about a normal life? Stop telling us, you work from 8 to 5. That sucks. Be an artist. Even if your working time is as such, be an inner artist. Be creative for gods sake!