…don’t you just shut up, go away and fuck yourself, heh?

What is it that makes other people so damn interested in my sex life? Is it because they don’t have some by theirselfs? Is it, because its bad? Because its bloody always the same? Anyway, but even if i talk about it, it comes that i should feel sorry for who i fuck, how often, in which ways, and so on. They get really fourious about me and my sexual behaviour. Even if i didn’t fucked with them.
I guess, people, you should stop to throw your own depressed moods again my head. Really. I am fine, not always, but most of the time, with what i am doing with whom i am doing. I may be kinde of rude in your eyes, but please, if your unhappy about the way i life my sexlife of change my partners, just don’t ask anymore and leave me alone. Or your shitty comments at home. They’re really not interesting, just annoying. I am not the fucking church.

Be honest to your partner, stop whoring around if you can’t keep it for yourself whysoever, try not to hurt others with your behaviour and everything will be good. For gods sake.