Well, who doesn’t, it’s the good news. I can’t mention a single person I met who does not wants to have hard, good, long, fulfilled, dirty sex. Sure- not always you clever, for sure. But these SOMETIMES we do want it. Long. Hard. And nice. Brilliant, wet, loud, outstanding, brainwashing sex.

Yes, you are allowed to call me a typical symbol of a standard- thinking male human being. But hold in a second. What is it that we look after an arse which is trained terrible good and looking fucking hot? Huh? So, in best case, we think both ways: heart and sex. After all i figured out -for me of course-, that if your brain stops 90 percent of its business you’ll have your best sex experiences ever.

On the one hand side you have your dreams. Of a guy who can obviously read your mind when it comes to touching, kissing and licking. And is sensitive enough to take care that you wont get hurt even when it starts to getting bloody hot. No, he knows where to touch, what to say, to bring you to your climax, yeah, a man where you want to get to climax.

On the other hand you have your morality. What is okay? Is it, to have such a not-from-this-earth-sex with an stranger even you’re in a relationship? I’d say, hey, yes, if you are really in love with your partner and this „excursion“ is just and only for the connection between your libido, your dreams and the real sexual experience, fucking hell, go on. You’re actually not alive to proof someone how damn monogam you can be, besides its yourself you want to proof that. Than it’s absolutely okay, and you can buy yourself the best sextoys on earth and climax you and your dreams to death.

Ever felt like this c-a-n-t be real even if it was? Okay, that’s tricky enough, you see? All you have to do is find this situation (or let be found by it). I won’t make an appeal to cheat your partners, no, then you got me wrong. But find an easy way to get less sexually frustrated than you are. Are you not? Then you doing something right. And let me guess what: you tell your brain to stop thinking and concentrate on your sex, don’t you?

So, is it possible to have this not-from-earth-sex? Even in a relationship? And how it comes that this topic follows us to nearly everywhere we go. From the most clever scientist to the family-guys who sit in front of their screens and ejaculate on their keyboard? Love and Sex, what is it all about? Are we all perverts then… well in some certain way I hope so. If its harmless. Or not?