A place called Goya in an area which is well known for gays. I was working there that night. And have to admit that there were absolutely attractive men around. The problem was (and is) that I am not gay. Anyway-  it wasn’t boring at all. I figured out that the masculine body is able to be transformed in various,  more glamorous ways, as I thought it’s possible- and recognised those bodies just at women, till then. It may be possible that the bunch of men itself pushed me into seeing that. After a short period I felt displaced because of two reasons as you might have noticed jet: 1. I don’t love men. I’ll never fuck with them which makes it hard to even get flirty with them. Even if men are far way nicer then women are, more charming, more flirty, yay, men are even nicer folks than women are. More easy going. More funny. Fucking hell I asked myself three-thousand times, again and again, why women are so fucking hard to flirt with. Men aren’t at all. Its not that there are real problems I ever figured out by flirting with women, no, absolutely not. But I experienced that it could be nice and funny and easy to flirt. Women kind of make a deal of flirt with them, men don’t. At a place like that you know that the man who wants to flirt with you thinks at least that you don’t look so shitty and you may be a good fuck. But, ehm, hey, so do women, don’t they? Or do women go away (apart from the ones who just want to have a freaking good night out to dance,drink and take a few drugs) without looking for someone to at least have a nice fuck with?
Reason 2: I want to make party with straight women. For sure, its not boring to have a night out with your mates, no. But there is always a need -in me- of having women around. I love women. Women are great. Even if they -as I just figured out- are not those easy flirts as men, but a party without women are shit.

When I left, the last wired situation of the day happened.

Him: Are you gay? Me: Oh no, sorry, I’m not. Him: Really? Me:There isn’t something like your -really- , I am just not gay. His girlfriend: Can I have a picture with you? Me: Why you want a picture with me? She: I think you don’t look too creepy. Me: ?  She took a picture with her mobile-phone camera. A mobile phone camera. I didn’t figured this mobile-services stuff out. I have a camera. It works pretty fine.  Showed it to me and started to tell, how brillant a brand of an alcoholic drink was for her. I smiled and said congratulations. While she was telling me this stuff i figured out that she wasn’t such a bad deal at all. The only urgend need was a change of topic.

Never before a person asked me to take a photo of me.

Here we go again i think.