I’ve to admint, in the deepest inner self, I’m honestly a 60’s guy when it comes to if-i-had-a-wish. When it comes to sex, I am into 80’s.  I know, uncool, but anyway. You know what? I’m so often irritated by the shaving-behaviour of some of my „contacts“. Emancipation is a nice, brilliant and  superb thing, you women are great and strong, even stronger than we men are. You take difficult situations with a smile, be often relaxed when everyone is on fire and you have the stronger love, the stronger emotions, the better way to show them.
But I never got it, that women shave their hair so much down that I sometimes think I fuck a minor, which is disgusting. Don’t get me wrong, I love having sex with you women anyway, but what the bloody shit is wrong about a tiny bit of hair that I know at least that I’ve sex with a women, not… you know.
But I am always slightly irritated, when I meet women who are blank around the vagina. No hairs at all. It shouldn’t be a wood, don’t get me wrong, but there should be something, a guess at least. Well, here we go.