I met her after the club, but in front of the door. „You waiting for your mates prettyness?“ „No, just calming down, how about you?“. God save the women.

Oh holy gosh, let me tell you, SHE was so, so so sooooo grown up. Really. She’d a straight view, most of the time everything under control, well prepared for her work, fit at sports and such fucking healthy lifestyle. I mean, she was so damn healthy, that she explained to me, why it’s wrong to eat a quaterponder with french fries and vinegar, cheese and garlic mayonnaise after this brilliant night. „You won’t keep your body, your face, your fitness, when you start like that. Stay with your drinks and now take a bottle of water, thats it.“ „Oh shut up, you don’t like my body though?“ „ that’s not the point, I can’t stand it, to watch people destroy their bodys by behaving so bloody stupid!“ „It was a long night darling, you are pretty, oh hell, so god damn pretty. But my body and me we are friends you know? And my friend wants to have a Burger and French fries. So, join us. I guarantee you, everything is okay, your blood won’t swap outa your body. You’ll be fine. “ And then she answered the worst answer I know: „Well, you know what’s the best for your own, don’t you? Go on, doing what you like.“ Fucking callousness. That’s a teacherlike answer. There is nothing more annoying on this planet than such answers.
God bless she didn’t know the crack and the nose I had before … I smiled. She was irritated by that immediately.

„God bless the sunrise“ i mentioned with the Burger in my hands and the view to the sky, sitting on a bench on an empty street. At the same secound I was bloody happy to have her by my side. Because these are the moments when no one souldn’t be alone. Shoulder to shoulder. I am such a romantic. Thanks Pete.