Ohh hohoho hoooo, seee, yay, see, the little child learnd something. Great an SO interesting, tell us! Tell us! Knowlegemonster.

Keep on going, even if nobody cares.

Believe in yourself, nobody else will.

Have fun for yourself, noone gives a shit about it.

Learn from the TV, your dog, a magazine, your grandma, an insect, a book, a movie, the Flinstones, from red, or blue, from a rabbit, a house, a street or from above or beyond, from blood, from hate, from love or from your partner, that you die alone, but you don’t have to live alone.

Start giving a shit.

Start to care, smile, hug, be honest (as much as its needed and healthy indeed).

Move your heart. Let your soul jump. Have enough vitamins. Laugh. LIVE.

… lalalaaaaa, here we go again. Use your ability to have an orgsam.