I’ll kiss the blondish. I’ll greet the woods. I’ll catch the colours of the houses and I’ll learn to relax.

I’ll drink german alcohol, they said, it’s expansive there. I’ll not go fishing, but whatch fishing people while having a book, a cigarette. I’ll listen to the nature and laugh with the inhabitants.I’ll see a lot of tiny cities. Have something like a summerholiday.

While that, I won’t be here. Keep your storys going, all the best to you strangers, thanx 4 reading till now and here and enjoy yourself. Back in ten days or so I guess.

1. What you wanna be in thirty years? Erudit

2. Whats your favorite letter? The alphabet darling.

3. Whats your favourite Icecream? Besides mint-things I like all of them.

4. What would you do with all the money in the world?  I’d buy a lot of stuff, no one needs and be a better man.

5. Are you lonely? Sometimes

6. Whats your favourite Band? At the moment? Asaf Avidan and as usual Pete’s Bands.

7. Do you wanna have children? Yes, lord, a lot.

8. How does a good day looks like for you? Having a drink, sex, a good talk, one or more books, good friends around, good live-Musik, being in love and good food.

How would you answer?

You can even write me as usual if you at least can’t read me: low_noise@hotmail.com