„Life hasn’t convinced till here, till now.“

„Hm. Where did you start?“

„I think, it was more down in the south.“

„Was it nice down there?“

„Yeah, kind of. No sex at all. Few surgery’s. Few good friends. Some good nights. Kinda nothin special.“

„So, what do you expect now to be convinced of life?“

„Whats told in my books. Told by the wise youths in the TV. Or what my neighbours told me about, how life could be.“

„But don’t you have storys to tell by yourself?“

„Yeah, kind of. But not much, ya know. Feeling empty sumhow. What should I say… I am searching.“

„So you feel broken?“

„Yeah, and lost..“

„Okay. That’s brilliant. That’s what your books are all about. You’re convinced already. Go and write a book. You’ll see, the colours of your words will be the mirror you need. There isn’t something like an answer.“