Dinner. Shit. Really shitty. I’ll be the worst stepson on earth.

„So what are you?“
„Ehm, hm, what? “
„Well, what do you do?“
„I am a student sir.“
„Oh. Student, hm. Since how long?“
„Since a while I guess.“
„How do you earn your money then?“
„Well, bit of writing, bit of male waitress.“
„You mean, you’re a waiter?“
„Yeah, bad joke, sorry.“
„How did you met each other?“
„I spit on her top.“
„Excuse me?“
„I spit on her top, it was white. Her nipples came out and i had to laugh.“
„Thats not funny at all. Again not funny.“
„Sure, it is funny. I was spitting my gin because I had to laugh about a joke. Kind of a double-laughter.“
„Stop it now please. The conversation ends here.“
„Your daughter has really nice nipples, you can be proud of her.“
„I saID STOP It .. now. Stop. stop. Thank you.“

He obviously didn’t like me.
I wondred if she was adopted. She was cool. He was.. he wasn’t. Okay, I seriously have to work at my manners. Sorry dude, your girl likes it from behind. She loves it.