A french girl ones asked me something. It was kind of that: What may be the worst thing for you? At the moment. Maybe ever. Such a big, universal, all surrounding bad thing, you’re really scared of?

„When I figure out that  I’m ordinary and will ever be.“

Why? she wanted to know

„Because I can’t get out of my skin, out of my face, out of my life.“

That sounds sad. she mentioned.

„You aren’t ordinary, are you?“ I wanted to know.

Well, I don’t know. I wish I could catch rainbows and stick them into my pockets.

She always wore those tiny short Jeans-shorts. Had absolutely adoring legs. Long, not too white. Was full of energy, but not nervous. I wished her to be able to catch such a rainbow one day which may last forever at her side, to be put in her pocket.

When she was leaving I ever felt like the glitter of her blinks was left behind her like a track of happyness. Beautiful french girl.