Westend. Told you how to be. You learned. Were quick. Saw stars before planets were gone and light before silver was enlighted to your heart. You never understood, no, nothing, but you tried, so hard. Fight for what you love, yeah, your conviction was golden. You were best friend, lover, man, kid, anti-slip mat in the shower for a broken heart, cabaret for the laughing, shining, happy one. You learned to listen, learned to say the right words, feel that something is wrong and what makes them happy, at least feel better, feel good. Discovered that you’re not at any side of life, broke down, no one pick you up. You weren’t lonely, show them how to stand up again, kept your head up high. Ever. Always. You learned not to give a shit. To cook. „Son of a bitch“ they mentioned „you and your dick are so much a Pussy“. You never cared. Kept on listen to their music.
Then you fell in love. And never came back again.
Lost weekend?