Really. Just fuck it. I am so damn sad not being the inventer of the word fuck. Or cunt. Shit. Damn. Bloody hell. Whatsoever. Would have been great. Is there any way to earn money with word-inventions? I just wonder, because I am really looking for a job where I can earn enough money, to have enough at the end of the month left to go out and have a warm meal which is tasty. Yeah. Not just noodles, if you get that.

Well fuck it.

What’s a good way to earn money and still have lust for life? Without fucking around like a whore to ignore the shitty status quo of your own existence?
I feel like a broadbill taught me how to paint a sensitve and detailed painting. New generation of feeling shit again.

Its so not funny to ejaculate in your hand, just because you don’t have a condom. Fuck it. Trash world. Wonder if I am ill now. Full of sexually transmissible diseases. Horny day to ya.

Looking 4 a flat in Berlin. Cheap one, not too far on the corner of nowhere. At least two separate rooms. Can ya help? I’ll pay… with somewhat.