It’s the tired gray dust that sinks  leisurely down on the brain to cover it like a itchy carpet.

Are you in love? Or in hurry?

It’s gonna be a flat of an ex-heroin couple. A sign? I am not sure to believe in signs. Ok, I don’t believe in them. Why do those flats always look that rotten? It’s like they eat the walls and scratch the floor to clean their fingernails. Junkies a wired. I like them. But not their flats… but at least it’s cheap. It’s the first time to have serious thoughts about buying flowers. Berlin, you’re fucked up and expensive. Not compared to London, sure idiot. I always thought having and giving love is a sensful act of life. That’s rubbish. I am broke. Unsexy broke.
Who isn’t?

I feel like Pete in a wired kind of way. My flat looks kinda that. Less light.