4 a new flat. No Internet n stuff.

Which doesn’t mean no fun.

Just not online.

For a period of time.

Mates, go n keep your shrug clean and well smelling. Girls, do your hair and keep smiling then you look the best.

Keep the colours alive, do what you like, but don’t stop moving, doing, reading and pretending being a clever child. Keep on being kinda nice, love, take it and give it. Take a few flights to the corners of the sunflowers, we are the children of the 69’ers. Don’t be ashamed using your intellect to have right- if you are right. Don’t be shy. Never be.

Keep on dancing where ever you like. Everyone looks childish. Start giving a shit.

Give a shit about what the other people think of you- is never in your hands.

Enjoy the rainbow coloured leafs falling, the chilly temperatures and warm clothes again.



Have a good time.

Colour your life with the chaos of trouble

I am a thief.