My car broke down. A guy in a clown costume, high, threw himself on the street right in front of it. I think his left ankle got broken. He crawled away, laughing. Didn’t expect that. I bought me a tank now. Next time, a drugfilled clown jumps…well.

I saw an exploding rainbow yesterday. It said to me, I should be handsome and nice to women. I thought the motherfucking rainbow was a girl. I ate a kebab with the rest of the rainbow. It said that pink and violet are very angry with him, because he likes wavers.
Didn’t got a word. Wired times.

I am too less Hippie so share my clothes with other people I discovered.
Drugs are shit, keep away from them.

xx from the sensless side of life.

I met a girl who thought she’d be fat. I mean DAMN fat. I enjoyed the nice colours of autumn, I begin to really like this season, and she spoke about showing me how to do situps properly, because I put on a bit weight the last months. I am not fat or anything, but she was slim and compared with her.. blah. Well, I was much into leaves and wet grass, sunshine on raindrops and a slow-motion-river, green, yellow, and red leaves swam on the reflecting spider-web-like surface. The girl was that slim you could see and feel every damn abs muscle. What’s wrong with the people that all of em want to be slim? I don’t want this thought turn out to be an two-pole discussion, like hey, think about the fat ones. I mean, she was pretty, nice belly, adorable body and told me all the time which parts of her body aren’t okay. Breasts. I liked them. She said, they are not big enough. Compared to what? For me they were okay that moment, so wtf?
Relax, please.
I mean, we’re all not perfect. Nice season anyway. Dying nature can be pretty.

It’s time to say people they are fucking pretty, if they are. Tell them, they are far more than just okay. Make happyness being more easy to reach.

Ehm. Yeah.

That morning I felt really sick when I woke up.