Weather was crap, now its sweet and filled up with autumn-like warmth.

Met a dancing king, a dragon spitting glitter, and a fairy with a half-broken wand yesterday.

Few sweet kisses, but far not the best and sweetest I ever tastet.

We are wasted. Are we? Waiting for the new high the push me up I wanna be exited. Standing there, paying sumthin to get in, to be entertained. The fun is in yourself you dumasses. They are waiting for something to come on the enlighted, loud, sweaty stubbles and breasts. Please fuck me, I don’t wanna be used, I am so female, such a woman, I know what I want, why are you just looking, not coming over, am I not pretty enough? The music goes on, we pretend something in us has changed. Why do we want to change all the bloody time? Change to what?

Enjoy the sunrise.