… that I am so glad that you’re there.

That you’re the one who brings chaos in my life.

That you’re the one who makes me going crazy, not knowing what to feel, never sure of who you are at the very least.

That you’re the one who is far more clever than me.

That you’re the one I want to fall asleep with and waking up again.

I took a photo of you when you were asleep, to have you with me all the time.

You didn’t know.

I adore you’re style, even if you’re the only one who can dress like that without looking like an idiot but a prima ballerina.

You can make art outa nearly everything. You’re just cool as you are, because you simply don’t give a shit.

You love pale colours. I love you because of you loving pale colours.

You are terribly funny. Without knowing it.

Even you’re grown up, you are easy going like a child.

And you know the very best places in city. You know a lot of cities. Gosh. You’re great.

Dont forget that.


please come back. Even if I am not a woman.