and so you changed. And so did I.

From red to green. From doorstep to street. From sea to river. From book to essay. From maybe to somehow. From love to friendship. From standup to sitdown.

Prettyness took it`s hat and went on a long long journey to nowhere, because the aim wasn’t important neighter was the way. Just the starting, going, travelling, getting away, breathing the starlight and the glittering of the falling and rising sun, feeling something. Prettyness was sad on the top of the hill, but the air was far way the freshest it ever breathed. Up there it decided to fuck the violet and give itself one more chance to believe in itself- the world fall down, hit its ankle, bleed a bit, sung a weird song, decided to have a bbq with some strangers, getting drunk, fall asleep and stop turning for a while.

then winter came and a reindeer was seen