The Street canyons gulped you.
Gray came over, gave you it’s hand and went with you to another skyscraper to have a dance on the roof.
There the sun is shining and you start to wonder, if this all is just a dream.
Then you start to wonder, why you feel displaced. And you jump. Before hitting the ground you see a little girl with icecream in it’s hand and think: I’ld have some children. SPLAT

You know those words? Those smart guys, telling you, you having good and bad days? Hm? Sure, you do.

Well for GODS bloody SAKE. What the holy FUCK?

I feel like giving a damn shit about someone telling me, yeeeeah, well, you’re gonna to have bad days ‚long your way.
If you’re actually in such a mood, you’re tendet to cry. Throw things against the wall. Scream. HATE YOURSELF. The world. Ask yourself shit like: why is he/her so god damn thinner/more buff/ cleverer/ faster/ richer / happier/ cooler/ more stylish… whatsover, but you are not.
it fucking doesn’t help a SHIT that you know there’ll be better days again. Cause this feeling is kind of now-> forever.

Even killing yourself may be a good thing then.
And you know what?

It’s so fucking normal, to have those days, that I wonder who I can kill that they stop.