I took the sheet of your body. I loved to do that.
You always took it  back, right under your chin.
You were classic- whiskey and soda. Bed and breakfast.
Fish and white wine.
Croissants and Cigarettes. A little marmalade on them.
Flying when it rains, so you catch the sun after passing the clouds.
Old movies, Frank Sinatra, red lipstick and high heels.
Black was your favourite, fits to all, sunglasses and belts the ones that took your money off your pocket without you knowing that.
Dirty jokes and clever answers when nobody expected them.
Always full of courage. Blond. Thin and fucking sexy, god damn it.
Never got why the holy shit you choose a rotten mthfkr like me.
Never tea, always coffee- black.
With your whitest teeth alive.
Straight forward, never cheating, could drink like an sailor.
Parents hated you, till they decided to get you really known.
„Art?“ you asked? „God damn it, give a shit, looks it good? Yeah? Cool, then it’s art. Rest is… a waste of time.“

Here you go.
Deep down under.
Cocain fucked you so god damn up.
Crystal. Holy.
And even after all of that.
You are there. Rocking the shit out of it, could be Pete’s sister.