today a guy: you should really save your money. Ya know: makin in ten years outa 10 000 euros 20 000 euros.


guy again: when i’ve kids they,-I am REALLY open minded, believe me- should go on a school with kids without background of immigration.


guy, now telling of his past:  I once wanted to have a Porsche. Till I was 30. That was my big aim. Then i got one- when I was 27. (and now, because he’s a really wise guy) After two month I thought that it was pretty expansive to pay 1.500 Euros every moth, just to have a Porsche, driving to- and back from work. I now drive a smart. And save my money.

He is SOOOO smart. Oh gosh. The noodles we ate meanwhile were absolutely tasty, by the way. I had some with Pesto- which was BRILLANT. Guys, if you’re to Berlin, let me know- I give you  the adress of this Portuguese! Fucking hell, yummy!




This man is all about money. Always laughting. Gosh. I think I hate him. He’ll pay me- without taxes… you know.

guy: you can sign a contract. Or just by words… you know.

Oh yeah, that’s more one of my kind. Kids… don’t waste your money. Waste your youth by giving a FUCK.

Weird guy. Weird humans. I think he’s what they call: normal.