What is your most favourite war, hm?

I like the small, delicious one in myself? Hey, asshole, don’t be such an idiot, such an ego, we talk about real wars. HAHA, believe me, that’s a real one. What do you expect, hm? Should I fly to Iraq, or Afghanistan, to try to help, get shot, and lonely die in the dust without having done anything, but gave a try? Come on.
Going in an African county and getting choked by an boy, living on the street since he’s six years old, lost his parents (they had AIDS) and he thinks, because I am white and I am alone I have to have money: „You motherfuckers came down here, took this land, took what you wanted, and now you come back and think you are an Angel with your money and you want to change everything again, huh? Shitty bastard, you WON’T! Let us alone, go away.“ By a six year old boy. Hm. He would take all my 46.23 bugs I had in my pockets and then I would end up in an toxic river, because in this village they burn old computer cases and cables to get the steel outa the cables themselves. Or such a shit. I would be such a big help.

I can help you writing some academical stuff. Really, not very well (depends on what you’ll pay), but I’ll do it. Honestly. Got that? HAHA, I think, it was funny.

Okay, see: another war would be so much simpler, but nonetheless more dangerous. Bullets would kick an quiet important piece of my small brain out, or nasty rusty knifes would stab me to death, and fast, disgusting, hungry little insects would eat the rest of my body, left of the gangsters who killed me and taken a few organs outa my small, unimportant body, to sell them and get rich for an evening or two, having  a few prostitutes and earplugs, strong alcohol, bad jokes and a lot of dusty, grainy sex, smelling and tasting of vinegar like sweat.

And what’s about an rebellion? Cool idea, absolutely. Against, ehm, something against atomic energy? Or the ignorance of people? The capitalism? At least there are two large rebellions right at the moment going on. Libya and stuff. Shit. Too late buddy, but nice try. And please understand me. I don’t wanna have a rebellion just to have one. Ya know?!

Oh holy shit.

So what’s yours? Your war?