Never the best- absolutely not. I did never get the score in my head.

Never pretty enought. Oh, thats so sad. Looking good makes a lot of things far more easy.

Smart? C’mon a litte. A little more there, but mainly tired the last few days. Tired of rabbits without heats and smokings without gentlemans, skies without wind and wildly coloured clouds, books without letters and paint without colour.

How could I tell you?

That its hard. Its not fair at all. There is no solution but to try not to lose yourself at the struggle, stay healthy and please ironic, stay funny. That Noone knows everything, but everything he knows is his world which is neighter good or bad. It just is. That there is both of us, the air we share side by side coverd by white and soft, warm blankets. That its you and me, we’re not like we’ve been half a year before and won’t be in one more.

That to be wise means nothing at all when there’s noone who cares anyway.

We never died that hard so easily.