You asked me to stay.

I asked you to go.

sometimes its quiet a bit of complicated ´round here

you said.

I stood and stared. Nothin to say. I hated it not having any thought in my brain.

so you see, you’re pretty the same. Best `ld be if I leave now.

You put on your slip. That was hard. I knew, i’ld never see you again like that. It hurted. Fuckin hurted. Not that you’re the most pretty woman on earth, hell, no. Rude to say that, I know. But I liked you a lot. Loved what you became, even everyone else told to stop. Wondered how I could stand someone like you. And now you left me. They didn’t know you. Hell, for gods sake, I motherfuckin did it.

You left.

I watched. Watched you, wearing more `n more. Looking gorgeous. Nice hair. Perfect without anythin. You perfect without being rouged. `ld miss your smell.

Then it got calm.

Me and the wall.

Ridiculous thoughts.

Only way it works? It’ll never „work“.

You quit. I just wanted… to know.