Albert Einstein, Chopin, Marilyn Monroe, Curt Cobain, Dad, Pretty Woman, Poo the Bear, Christmas, Heinz Erhard, Spirit of 60’s, being nice to other people, Romance, Candlelight dinner, Slow cars, honest smile and dinosaurs.

Not dead once. Dead again. Every year. Oh, shameless dead, shitty time and bloody mathematics. By comparing its own life with a, maybe dead (poor delighted Kennedy) person, we know (more or, more often, less) who we are, where we came from and why we remember this person. It’s dead again? Well, you know, when I was so and so young (harrumph) this and that happend, oh dear, these were summers. Look at that summer, now Mik Jagger does Music which isn’t Rock’n Roll at all anymore. More amyotrophia Rock.

Again dead? Fuck off.