Smoke. It surrounds  you. You know whats mystical  you ask me. Without expecting any explanation. You enlight another candle. The soft fire is standing on the wax.
No sun. Its night.
This weird life took us. Out of everywhere else.

You softly lift your nice body up, put a slip on, sit on the edge of the bed. A cigarette. The rest of the beer.
I always wanted to be known. Not rich or sumthin, you know. Known. Getting such a warm, soft feeling in your belly. Like an red, orange and softly purple sky in the evening. Air filled up with a sense of fresh cut grass.  A soft warm air is lying around your shoulder like an invisible blanket. Who needs money then? Fuck it. You don’t even waste a heartbeat for a thought of money then. This was the feeling. This was the dream. Is it gone?

Yeah, it’s definitely gone, this possibility. Forever for us. Life is not fair. But it’s neither unfair. It just is. And it doesn’t care. Like time. Time doesn’t care at all. It doesn’t even exists. It’s just, that we die- time doesn’t die. So it can’t life, nothing what really matters for us then.

But the fucking dreaming, feeling, laughing, being outa breath and catching sunsets to put them in an old preserving jar. The thing with living your skies and flying on a raindrop to meet Captain Nemo… above the clouds! Why has it to be gone?

Stop making it gone.

We get in our Jeans. Sweaters. Please, don’t stop writing you say. Please don’t stop blinking.
The horse it a symbol of life in our dreams. What is an unicorn?

We go out. Having a cigarette. Having a tiny gin. A warm one. Disgusting. Sitting on sand, being five again. Going to the river. No one is there. It’s fucking freezing. The river has eyes, watches us kissing. Not caring.

I love your red fingernails. Your eye liner. White teeth.
You don’t get it how beautiful you are. Especially in those moments when you haven’t had a chance to get done as you call it.

You’re an earth in yourself. It’s impossible to not see you. Impossible to understand you. But who has understood worlds itself ever? You see. Another cigarette. And your fucking perfect you.