there is a mate I am working with at the moment who thinks that sahara is a typical european forename. i once knew a girl, wicked brown hair, mean as hell, a bitch of a female. thing is, she knew she looked georgous. caught all eyes of all men when she walked by. i don’t know if she was clever or not but i can tell you- she was hot.  she was well known to love it anal. don’t ask me how everybody knew with time, but it’s a detail everybody wanted to know. sooner or later she was called ass-pussy. it sounds like a macho story then, but it isn’t. she was really happy that everybody knew. didn’t care about all the gosship. she mentioned once it isn’t gosship if it’s true. i mean yeah i like sex. but what the fuck, hm? who doesn’t? don’t make a big deal outa it, okay. and this name? far better as motherfucking princess i think. weird story i know. but what i wanted to tell you was that her real name was europa. i really adored europa. beside the fact that she was far too easy to get.