There she sits.

Face in comparison with: herself. In the window. Freshly washed, blond hair. Thin cheeks. High-heels. Bright brown leather. Shiny lipgloss. Chanel N°5. Fingers running. To and back. Left right. New fingernails, ages away of being her own. Fingernails made in Taiwan. Eyelashes: dark balck, thick. 
The  brown is dripping out of her eyes in sticky drops. Till its all gone. Her back knicks in the middle, her body breaks through. Butterflies and old fairy-beings fly out of her juicy bowels.
There she is lost. In the new empire of electricity. The only smile that appears is, if the light from the new world in her hands changes its colour.

Did you got mobile etherized today already? Got absorbed of the mechanical dust? Breathed it, ate it?