who the fuck are u
what you wanna do
with the melting ice there in your left hand
the cube from the pole will never understand

drinking gin like water
wish that you were harder
trying to escape no one but yourself.

you wanna save the world
wanna be a hero
but you hardly ignore that you’re simply done

Hey! – here it is what you expected
what you were waiting for
it now occurs
it graps you by the shoulders
it gives you all the power
it lifts you up and then you gone

what you believe in is all
what they wanted to make you to
the wanted you to be what they produce

waste you life with buying
waste it with escape, never ask whats happning
the best thing it must be- having it all

they told you to be faithful
faithful in your grades
your diploma, eating fish and burning soy


your mum hates your dad
your bro was always bad
he killed your dog ’n your cat
their breathing drove him mad

but now, hell, you’re running
less fear and far more coming
adventures, girls and drugs
up there you fight the mugs