I/ my „family“ had visit (of course) by our family and in-laws.

My grandmas are the fucking best and funniest, believe me. The talk an- d r i n k – for gods sake. They drink more than me. Later on, they talk like they’re fifteen or twenty or so. And the closests friends ever. And forget that there’re listeners. Great stuff.

First they spoke. Fucking much. At diner. With the livley family members. Old hippie gangsters.Can’t remember any important thing. I kept on drinking sweet red vine. And ate.

Later on, about twelve o`clock, they turned up. Topics like in their youth. Oh, they traveled THAT much. Funny trips. With trains. And WHAT they saw.

But these days? They went to demonstrations. This youth.. sleeps they said. Generation-conflict i guess. I mentioned the universities and what happens there. They said, its just not the same. More energy thosetimes.

One of them went to prison because of one of those demonstrations. Weird time, she said. Never go to jail if your sober.

But as hippies which they are still, they hated war. they’re friends went. Gosh. They hate war.

Later on, they got married. Both. But not all of their friends… of course.

In their life, one went to the arts, underground ’n stuff.

The other one went to medicine. She’s still a „full blood“ doctor. Whatsoever.

Never. NEVER EVER smoke. It so fucking will kill you. I will never get that shit, sorry grandma.