Shame about the weather. Rainy. Gray.

You’re not alone.
Even if you’re so damn far away.

The temperature, you’re definitely right, is shit as well. Cold.

You saved my life this night. You don’t even know. It doesn’t matter anyway. Bet you saved a thousand lifes already. Without knowing. This is what makes you a living heart.

Cities – got to be visited.

Skies – to be flown.

Countrysides – to be travelled.

Seas – to be swum.

Beaches – to dream on’em.

Drinks – to be celebrated by the night.

You – to see us, me, the world, fucking freaking out.

Music – for bloody everything else. For our pulse. Blood. Hope and whises.

Shoes – to be destroied.
Waste your time. Now. MoRE thaN eveR!

Give a fuck on the numbers.

Take it all, not just as much as it gets.

Here we go, all together, to get lost again. Waste it all!

Rain’ll turn to snow’ll turn to rain’ll turn to storm’ll turn to motherfucking anything. SUN.