No bloody mood. Really. Just swimming in an undefined soup of in transparent nothin. You don’t feel really anything but being alive. Kinda good? Yeah, probably. Can’t figure the difference. We haven’t been death. Never. Not before. All we know is life. This is the only thing we’ll ever know. When we’re dead, yepp, for sure, we know death. But, what a pitty, we’re dead then. Congrats. So. Back to the soup again.
Feelings stopped today to say how you’re doin. Got up. Checked your face. Found nothin. Gave a shit. Cleaned teeth. Some, any, clothes. G-a-v-e- a- s-h-i-t. Saw your face. Didn’t feel anythin. Gave a shit. Holy.
Sayin‘ that’s how death’s feelin? How’ld ya know, hm?

It doesn’t matter sometimes to be anythin, does it? Costs a lot of energy. Then, sumdays, your head tells your soul to sail on autopilot.