a few cold nettles caught me. Kept me. Nice and warm, but brutal and drunken.

A cold glimmer is what I saw this afternoon. A red, cold glimmer, the surface of frozen blood reflected the smiling sun into my eyes. I thought: fucking shit. Brillant.

Went out, to fall in love these days.

Came back with a cake. It’s a fairy-mix of biscuits, apple-cinnamon cake, american-cheese and chocolate (brownie-like) mix. It tastes phenomenal. Everyone should have tried such a piece in it’s life.

Figured out, that mdma is a bitch. So its xtasy. Doesn’t last forever in your brain, suggesting making party with pink lions and funny frogs. Nonono. Fucking kills your emotion. Or whats left of it.

Stop hating your parents by the way. Forgive them. I think, they gave their best. At least they probably are too sad, because their dreams faded away not too long ago.

A wink from down under.