Not an easy one.
Came to it like the „virgin to the child“… wtf.

How can you have an „hard pet“ you wonder?
Every tried to handle a rainbow, huh, I wonder.

I borrowed it first from the book store in a small village my mother lives at. I was quiet hungry for some romance, love and smile. Sick of all the disasters, violence and drugs. I mean, there are people out there, having money, a family and are happy. So give it a try I thought.
Went over there and had a look. I spend three days there, no chance to sleep. So I came when it opened, had a coffee with the stores-owner at the third day, and read. Then I found it. Between some really old piece of Fitzgerald and any philosopher (I’ll never get the point of them… I think I’ll never be „mature enough“ for this bullshit)… a rainbow sit and… was looking out the window.
„Holy…“ was my very first reaction.
„Nice to see you too“ his own answer. (I write „his“ but I am not quiet sure till now if my rainbow has a clear identified gender… oh gosh.)
„You are a fucking RAINBOW!“ i nearly screamed. I mean what the fuck. It was a rainbow. SITTING. A fucking sitting RAINBOW. What kind of reaction do you expected, hm?
„In that case“ the rainbow answered, veeeery slowly „I guess a hello there may do the job quiet good as a greet, don’t you think?“
I was absolutely confused. A rainbow. Speaking. In a bookstore. Looking out a window. It looked… fabulous. Let you tell this.

„But I mean, the eternal story was Hollywood-bullshit, hm? Like this Peter Pan fuck and stuff… come on. I am on mushrooms, fuck…“ I wanted to legitimize my reaction. „Listen“ he sad slowly „just because you can’t believe what you see doesn’t include automatically that it doesn’t exist, okay? Let’s be fair. You’re far not the nicest guy I ever met in my life, beside your obviously non-existing manners, but I am still nice to you. So would you please be so kind and stop swearing around, hm?“
I stood- still- in the middle of this old bookstore in the middle of one of the most dirty corners of this motherfucking city and there was a god damn rainbow in front of my little head telling me how to behave. The books i held in my hands fell down, my eyes didn’t blink anymore (went watery) and my brain didn’t get any words to a sentence.