There the music goes and your smile dissapeares.
When you’re gone the rare time your smile was there are gone with you. Far too pale, far too drunk, no clear pictures, all too fast, fuck me, give it to me, fuck my bloody brain out. It’s kind of when you wake up your flush is gone. Flush of your smile, the fuck the drinks the everything.

Repeat. Please. Repetition. I need more. You say. You always need more. Your memories just seem to stay when you’re willing so. You can’t remember your memories without the drugs. The motherfucking drugs. It’s like you switch on your fucking feelings when you take them so.

It’s like i really into you, but they’re so too.

It’s like we see the same movie, but for me it’s full of colours, for you it’s black ’n white.

It was once, not that far ago, that I was a lot into flashing lights, telling me the truth about fairys and tales, living gnomes and flowers who have every colour you ever seen. Smell of pure ecstasy and fun.

Then with the sunrise it’s gone. Your eyes lose every magic. You look at me wondering who I am, wondering more who you are. In the end.

You need anotherone. To have a mirror. To see you. No clue how to bee seen. Just forgotten, it’s gone since last night. Went away, in the pathways with your laughters. When you loved and hate everybody. Get wet, get fucked, it’s gone when you’re awake again.

A shame that I can’t forget, I have to remember.

God damn memory.