What did u expect, hm? Dirty dress, 3rd class flat, small car, bitchy style? Carrying around all your old ghosts, hoping and whishing the new prince can take them away? Forgetting that ghosts are in all of us- just not, if youre dead already. Inside. Cant you be pretty and clever AND nice?
You havent found a way jet not to use the people around you as spaces of your projection till a time comes when you see, it doesnt work anymore. Your castle of dreams slowly dissapeares, you wake up. All you do is running away, dissapointing all the peolple round you who you made believe you are reliable and cool and strong. You weakness was the key of destruction and you even didnt mention it. Poor you. And lucky you. So the circle closes. No one comes out with a smiling face- but confused like after having taken a far to strong drug. Youll dissapear outa the blood circle sooner or later.
What can i say. Stop smiling all the time. Start growing guts. They are the only ones who will protect you not screwing the people who love you the hell away…and you end up in nomansland. And all you wanted was neverland.