It’s the knowledge that you can’t have everything. It scares, it calms. Like you adore those who –like you think- aren’t clever enough for anything. Deep inside you’re so sure about you can’t be at more than one places at one and the same time. Want to share it all with another. All your chance is in the moment and the carrying around all the impressions in –it get’s terrible romantic, watch out- your tiny heart. And keeping it save like a diamond. Never to be destroyed.

It’s that you know that all you gave till now you will never receive, but it will let you grow. Faster, smarter…colder? It makes you sad and happy. You can show and share old moments in a new impression with someone else. Have your old sex with a brand new other. Or… a feeling, from time to time which had never been there before. Brand brand new.

You carry the world in your heart young oldster.
Always felt like wishing to combine a lot of places you love.. nearer? Here you go.