Is it a bad summary for a mans of his friends, not to have good, uncomplicated or easy going ones in its life? What may be a good one then?
Its that these feelings can kill you from the very first second when you try to falsificate them and call friends in your mind who are not just hot and cool, but simple and easy going. You can have a fuck with knowing its just sex. Nothing complicated at all. Just not wanted to be alone that specific night.

There’s no one like that anymore. Holy bunch of people we barely know, wanting to tell you their story of trying and succeeding or, mostly, losing. Some gave up, others stayed and are still fighting. So. Tell me. Is it a bad summary. I know so damn much music none of this bores me longer than a year, then i can listen to it again. Movies. Saw 7 times, still are funny or moving. Books. Make me cry, smile or think. Same books, kind of same stories, but read differently now. Is it a bad summary so far that old people, mainly females, dissapeared? No free life, or just free life …but please decide. What if there isn’t something like i want to decide. Far too much decisions, please don’t let this get so complicated too.

World, what is it? Feeling like that early in the mornin?