-some more sad words? well.

dissapearing in the dust of tomorrow. Believing our own dreams. Fought because of fun of the fight. Taken the fight as a game battle.

Then we all fell in love. Sooner or later. With her and him, with that and these. Mates we met told us they know how they’re seeing us. Thinking they know the best way for all of us because they watched us suffering. And they knew suffering. Like everyone knows suffering.

When we first came there we saw everything blooming, everything laughting or either being in perfect rage.
We went drunk did all we could like we’re still. Then we moved. And again. Met people all around and fell in love with them. Sweard never to dissapoint them. Just to tell them ten years later that this here doesn’t make any sense anymore. Meeting and letting people again and again. Went really good to listen to everyones stories. Helping.

We got in touch of how problems had to get solved. Lots of love, power, time time and time. And a little work. Which is funny, because there is never a lot of work. But lots of different pieces of adventure. Met because we are so good at meeting. Talking. Asking the right questions.

Taking a smoke and a beer with you. Because we are pretty good listeners. And know broken souls so good. So much of them.
To find out in wintertime that we love to watch candles down by our own. Alone. Found out that there is no man on earth we wish on that very moment to be at our side. Stay there. Waiting for an litte eternity. Holding on. Because that’s the closest to life we could experience without feeling all alone. Not have to make part-time decisions.

Now that we are experts of getting in touch and knowing you, the others, we will have to find some time for ourselfs. No more fucking around. No more fake smiles- because the faces they escape from are just to lonley or to scared to face their life and that they are hurtable. Because we all are. We may not be softies or anything. But we can be hurt.