Before we all went out, dressed to our best, we figured ourself out who to be tonight. Having a god damn, good time- because it’s so long in the past, seems like a little forever, since the last time of a fucking good night out has been.

So i met a smile in the tube, catched it up, had a few god damn good jokes. A bottle of a really, really cheap wine from an petrol station which was too expansive after all. You told me a bit about why you being around here tonight, the last weeks. Your smile was as white as the snow which begun to stay laying around- cold and beautiful. Quiet and it makes you want to jump directly into it.

We had this wonderful bottle of whine, while walking side to side over a bridge down to a riverside. Just to figure out a few moments later, that it was far to cold for this bullshit.

Went into bars, good bars, had a few drinks more. Danced- it’s been quiet a while for me dancing.

These are the moments I forgot about all the plans to be made, things to be done to make this life „run“ further on.
Moments when I forgot that there are other time I miss terribly, people which are simply gone, whysoever.

And all of that, just to wake up in the morning to see- preparing breakfast, having really strong coffee, another jump with you on the table, in the bed again, saying „goodbye“ in the evening and never see you again.

Not knowing what time of my life this is right here. When you turn out just to forget yourself for the free time which is led to you. The time when you get back to what you are- turn into a human being. Just to fuck it all away right away.