And wondering where to belong.
Who we are? The ones their home is so deep in their selves because the world is far to weird and too many places visited, too many flatmates met, too many stories heard and just trying to survive in anyway. Not to lose the rest of the sparkling colours which lead us through the darkest nights. We- we are the children of the world. We-the ones who try to tell you, all of you, what we learn, see and feel while live all the time out there. No gold. No diamonds. No fix friends. Just a lot of nice people, even more who aren’t. Masters of good talk, open ears, loving sunsets, a good wine, have a wild heard but not a clue where to belong.
Those are we. We tell you, or try our best, too let you see a few times through our eyes. It isn’t that we have so dirty much money to spend. More that we’re always broke. And depressed and HAPPY fifty fifty. Well, but we love it all. Those are we. The kids of the sun, running through another city, each of those a bit of our home. Each of you that are you reading our stories- sometimes wondering what it’s all about (drugs are really, really really bad, i won’t re-read my older posts :D)- we can’t tell. Because there is no future in a world existing always and just „now“.

It’s us, basically homeless or too many homes, arriving with all our heart can offer, leaving you and you wondering what happened. Going on continuing living. But we aren’t. The only smell, only colour and only sound of our bit of live is- change. It isn’t always easy. If you say that-screw at you. There are a lot of tears, but more, and that’s important, more laughters. Far more. You’re going to travel? Be sure, we are a good companion! Good drinkers! Good feeling for new faces. Fill us with stories, pictures. Far away. Doesn’t matter. Everywhere at home- no where settling.

It’s not that we don’t want, but it’s more that our heart can’t. It pulsates ourselves out and out again. Living for a time the live of a rocker. Why not. Rocking the motherfucking streets. Have tried it somewhen? No? Well, we’re gonna tell you that you can taste the burning asphalt on you very own tongue. I swear you. Banker? How it was to be one? Well, sit down and have a drink!

Artist. HAH! Fucking freak. Who you think you’re talking with? But this new world hasn’t any open ears for artists any more. Or has it? Well I know a few really successful writers and a few actors. But they are travelling at the moment.

Those are we.
Few of you read that- i hope you enjoy.

On our journey through life, stories, relationships, drug-disasters, porn-happenings, storytellers, docs and at least- being to our parents from then to then. Where you love to live? Hm? Ever felt like belonging everywhere but nowhere?