Because you don’t care. You simply made it. There on you black, ergonomic chair you are the boss of your own. Haha- you think, i just take the men i want. Money. Slim. Blonde. An b-size…well we can’t have everything honey. There you sit, forgotten all those days when you were one of the ‚others‘. Forgetting is simple. You like it simple. You learned it a way. Now you think-definitely- that thinks have to work this or that way. You learned it. Of course, luv, you are right.
But don’t you forget, the world probably don’t want to have you. And there will be times when you see that you put on weight and people are not longer friendly to you. Because you aren’t a nice person. Just one of us. And darling, I know it sucks, but you can ignore a nice face, resist it. But its nearly impossible to resist charme. So its quiet easy to resist-you.

There isn’t any magic existing in your life anymore, but getting drunk, long legs, hard fucks and getting a little richer. But let me ask you- even if it sounds naive and childish- what is a life without a little smile, honestly, and this little piece of magic? hm? Keep on going luv princess of the icy towers.