There wasn’t anybody interested in it ever. You always thought, you were so god damn sure. Like there would be no other truth. Until time was over. You went out the door, like all the other times you thought eyes were looking at you. But nothing happened. The air was warm and the smell of fresh earth and grass was in your nose. The sun had its soft, warm but calm orange-like light. You always thought that light was just existing to let everyone know what romantic means.
There you stood. Alone. Everything done. Cheers, thanks, good luck and goodbye. Hell. No eyes. All you thought was gone. From now to then.
Then you recognized that this is the beginning. And that you can’t expect more. Head down. You took another look at you feet. Your hands. Put them in your pokets, took a deep breath and then walked. Alone. Further on. This last little tear was for all the eyes which looked at at you. And all the people who did the same experience before. And all, all of them who will do it right after you. There. In front of that magnificent building. In the orange like light.