„It’s like forever“ she said, her lips a bit lazy from the gin already. She always got very speaky when she went the that stage of being drunk. Others start kissing or dancing, laughing or screaming, she starts: talking.

„The times are gone. Are gone forever. You know. The good as well as the motherfucking baaaad times. Well, give a shit. They won’t come back. Let us be happy that faces on the dancefloor don’t look for a sexy, good flirt anymore, but for a new message on your bloody phone.
It’s over that this true sip of gin does fulfill what it did years ago. Now you think not to talk about the damn good old days? Honey, I am 25, I can talk about any old days I want motherfucker. I want to be dressed to thin when i went out getting drunk and dancing. I want being kissed by a beautiful, dancing, laughing stranger who gives a shit at the daytime. I want to be absorbed by this light-and-beat universe. You know what I mean?“

It is that she is a really nice person to be with. She wouldn’t do you any harm. That’s not her way, not at all. But she knows what she wants. Which is- let you know that- sexy like hell. And the most, the really most loveable side of her character is: she isn’t everybodies darling. She hates everybodys darlings.



„So if any of you bloody motherfuckers think that he knows best about the life whatsoever: keep the fuck shut up. Why? Because it won’t make me free or happy or anything at all… you will tell my legs stop dancing, my body to start wear warm suits- which shows me, you don’t have a fucking clue at all what I am talking about. If you are one of these smart Lemmings… ohhh, babe, yeah, blah, i fucking know what you mean, get the fuck outa here. I don’t want you to be my brain-goody. I want you to do it your own way and leave me alone with your shit. Take your cockain whatever, I don’t want it.

Get free little brains! Stop fucking comparing. You are as you are and that’s perfect indeed! Free yourself of thinking ..ohhh she doesn’t think I am sexy she doesn’t want to dance with me. Bullshit. She wants to party, not to fuck again. Kissing may be okay, at the eeeeeend of that all.

Stop thinking.

It’s the moment loves.“