it’s such a day.
Coming up such a feeling.

People start telling you what to feel. You don’t know. What they mean? Could you imagine? Feeling so and so!
It’s not allowed that you don’t care. Your way of succsess means something completely different. Far away from what it means for them.

So you go out. On crowded streets. To see, find out, if you understand what they mean to feel blue. Or so. Something like that.
But you just feel. Nothing more. Not anything to define.

Then you get a call. No-it won’t work. Well. But your belly and your feelings still don’t care.

If you tell someone to imagine the ocean, or the tast of a honey melone, or to be rich… they will try. Give their best. But the time, they first see the ocean. Bite into that melone. Or have money, nothing would be as anotherone told them it would be.
The trick with the honey-melone.

Well.. how to feel tonight? Hm..

I’ll eat the glass. And get drunken with the burlesque. Fight with another stranger, just to see that i am still there.