You’re as quick as a cigarette. Forgotten at sunset. Matter to change? Can’t change people, to exhausting, too short life. Alternative?
Start being nothing. For a few moments.
Because nothing must mean, no fluid or ground or sky or anything else, get it?
My dear friend,

it’s the impossible which impresses me the most, and always did. There is no way out if you start it once, no way back if you in, no aim but a chance but most time you don’t know and have to be lucky to see that. This chance in the impossible, right? Be impossible, dear friend, because I’m sure you will, as I did, start to forget but remember the very good stuff. Forget things like earthquakes. Hurricanes. Bad jokes. Stupid people. I know I’ve been wrong so many times, but that will change- promise? Are you crazy?

Will you teach me of how having a good time again? Men hate me, they really do. I had too many fights, right? You mentioned it ones. Can you teach me to be calm, wise and honest? I am not a liar, you know, but I love running. Would you teach me? Before losing the very everything of myself.