Full of hope. What the future will…and so on. You know the rest-for sure.
Whenever a door closes another will… They told you all of that. Gave you books who tell you that. Stories of being found because of never searching.
So you travel, look out, try not to search, but coming home was all you ever wanted. A place being not just welcome but yours.
Travelling puppet, nice cheeks you have, such a handsome face and your body. Holy, you’re a picture of a human being, well at everything, know how to behave or otherwise of escape. Smart, fast, clever and nice, a little vulnerable to feel the pain of the world. Collecting tears like others toys.

Go ahead, like no one told you, don’t be scared. Cause one day you too will find the end of the world, but honey, its a lonely place where just a few arrive in peace.