Let a few funny colored dreams join you, throwing your worries away. They will solve by themseles as always, you know.

Franklin was a good friend of yours. Drunk too much, so called party animal. Needed a bunch of attention, wanted being seen by everyone just to show- not you, thank you, you’re not good enough.
Franklin never wanted to lose his face, fast mouth, tough words, always on diet, beer vodka and berries, lost his mind but anyway; great philosopher and smart like ever.
We all could learn of how Franklin lives. Alone but friends when he needs some. Shooting star but most favourite game- russian roulette.

Then he fell in love.
Smth he couldn’t buy. He couldn’t afford that.
Franklin went human kind of. Pissed, happy, full of emotional legs, unsure, freaking out, wanted to save himself of getting hurt. If only a pokerface could save from being hurt little Franklin.
When he was young he wanted to be a movierstar. Now, grown, he still wants. Spotlight, eyes on him, loved as he is. Forgot that that happens outside the movies- movies just tell the stories of that happening. Gosh, Franklin, come on…