Don’t take life too serious. You can’t take chaos seriously because there is nearly no way to understand it. So calm down, always. There isn’t a better, or a worse way of living. Just the way it goes. That’s life honey.

Never mess too hard with yourself. You only have yourself- always. A couple of people will surround you but beside a few faces, these faces will change and so will you. What you dreamed of when you were 14 won’t last forever, but seems to last forever as long as you are 14. So don’t judge too hard. We all change, „time is contagious everybody’s getting old“. And with the loss of our mobility (take a lot of care of yourself babes, beside you want to die before you’re 40), you change your view on the world a couple of times.
And so do others.


Be happy, at least once a day. Think of something which makes you feel good, because no other can. Feel comfortable in yourself and stop comparing all around all of the time. It will make you feel tired and exhausted. You’ll never be another person- you are you. Shame on that? Be happy. There’s enough chaos going on. Remember being in love, or being heart broken the last time. Or having sex on crystal meth. Not enough chaos? Hm?

Love a lot! Have a good fight from time to time. Take as much challenges as you can. Even when you feel tired and burned out. There is so much more energy in your body as you imagine.
Stop taking anyone elses advices too seriously. They are what they are- the others advices. Have your own. Do your own „mistakes“ as far as something like a „mistake“ exists. I don’t think that a „mistake“ exist. There are only thinks we „do“ or we „don’t“ in life. Not more. Not less.

Have enough sleep. Have good sex. If you don’t like sex, it doesn’t matter. Do something else which is absolutely good for you.


Don’t break hearts. Maybe you fuck around, or you don’t. But be careful with the feelings of people around you. You don’t like being heartbroken as well.

Do sports! Not too much, but not too less. Your body is a machine, a fantastic one! Use it! Dance, fight, run for your life. But do something. You will need this machine to be fit until you die. You will terrible miss it when it doesn’t work any more.

Take care of the people close to you, never be too rude to others.
Don’t lose faith.

And if you think you lost yourself- you just have to find it again. You will „lose“ yourself several times in life. Don’t be afraid of that.

Use the internet. But don’t trust it too hard.
Don’t waste your time by trying to get rich. Get enough money. Because as long as you’re not a „super star“ (and they were found most of the time) you have to do something, anything, which fullfills you and makes you happy. There is no other way to get happy. Being a star won’t make you happy- same as eating too less to have a slim body. It will make you slim, not happy. So, believe in your aims, not in what others tell you to believe in.

At least: good luck.